Visiting regulations

Section 1 General Provisions

  1. These Visiting Regulations are a directive announced by the owner of the football stadium, Eden Arena, a.s.; the stadium is also called the EDEN ARÉNA, hereinafter referred to as the “Arena”, having its registered address at U Slavie 1540/2a, 100 00 Prague 10, which determines the basic binding rules of conduct for all visitors entering the Arena premises and using the Arena’s facilities.
  2. The Arena is located in Prague 10 – Vršovice city district, between Vladivostocká and Pod Altánem Streets, enclosed on the west side by U Slavie Street.
  3. The purpose of these Visiting Regulations is primarily to ensure health and safety and the protection of property in the stadium and also to provide, if possible, ideal conditions during all events that take place in the stadium. The aim of the Arena’s Visiting Regulations is also to ensure a pleasant sporting and social atmosphere in the stadium. Each person on entering the Arena for any event organised in it expresses his/her consent to be bound by the terms and content of these Visiting Regulations.
  4. The term Visiting Regulations is identical to the term Operating Regulations. 

Section 2 EDEN ARÉNA

  1. The Arena serves the public for the organisation of social events (football matches, concerts, etc.) and its owner Eden Arena, a.s. exclusively decides on how it is used.
  2. The public may enter the Arena only with the consent of the owner of the football stadium, only at the times stipulated in these Visiting Regulations or, in exceptional cases, by other decision of the stadium’s owner, and only in accordance with the terms set out in these Visiting Regulations.
  3. These Visiting Regulations are binding for all persons using the Arena for their own events on the basis of a separate contract concluded for a specific purpose with Eden Arena, a.s., as well as for all these persons’ guests.
  4. In addition to the Arena’s owner, the organising or security service and also the Czech Police under its statutory powers are entitled to ensure that the Visiting Regulations are complied with and respected.

Section 3 While in the EDEN ARÉNA

  1. Only persons who have a valid ticket or other proof or persons who demonstrate their entitlement to be in the Arena in another way may stay in the Arena. Each person inside the Arena is required, on request by the organising or security service or the Police, to demonstrate their entitlement to be inside the Arena with a valid ticket or other proof entitling them to be there. Anyone unable to prove their entitlement to be there will be removed from the Arena. On leaving the Arena a ticket ceases to be valid; this also applies to season ticket holders regarding entry entitlement on a specific match day.
  2. The Arena is always open to the public at least one hour before the start of the event until one hour after the end of the event, unless stated otherwise by the owner of EDEN ARÉNA, a.s. for organisational reasons.
  3. Visitors are required to only occupy the seat indicated on the ticket for the particular event. Fans and supporters of the visiting team are required to stay in the sector specified by the owner of the Arena and to respect the organisational instructions given by the organising or security service or Czech Police officers.
  4. For safety reasons and in order to avert danger visitors are required, on the instruction of the organising or security service or police officers, to take seats other than those indicated on their tickets, including in a different sector. The same also applies to visitors who arrive after the event has started.
  5. Persons who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances, as well as persons who threaten the safety of persons and property lose their entitlement to be in the Arena and may be escorted from the premises at any time by the organising or security service or Czech Police officers.

Section 4 Entry to the EDEN ARÉNA

  1. At the entrance to the Arena each visitor is required, without request, to show and, on request, to allow the organising or security service to check his/her ticket or other proof entitling him/her to enter.
  2. The forgery, copying and alteration of tickets are forbidden. Holders of such tickets shall be denied entry to the Arena. Tickets cannot be exchanged and the paid entrance fee will not be refunded. The full text of the rules regarding the use of tickets can be found on the reverse side of each legally purchased ticket.
  3. The organising or security service, as well as the police, have the right to inspect – including using technical equipment – persons who due to suspicion of prior consumption of alcohol or other addictive substances or that they are bringing in weapons or other dangerous objects or substances that cause a risk of fire, could pose a security risk for the event. The check also applies to bags that are brought in and allows for individual items to be checked.
  4. It is forbidden to bring items into the Arena which could in any way endanger the safety of persons and property on the premises. Under the authority of the stadium owner the organising or security service and, in individual exceptional cases, also the owner are entitled to decide on the ban on bringing items into the Arena.
  5. Persons who cannot prove their authorisation to visit or enter the Arena or persons who represent a security risk according to these Visiting Regulations shall not be allowed to enter the Arena. The same also applies to persons who have been banned from attending such organised events in the Czech Republic due to misbehaviour at similar events. Rejected persons are not entitled to a refund.
  6. Workers employed in the stadium are allowed entry to the premises at all times.
  7. For the purposes of supplies and suppliers entrance to the premises is possible through the main entrance via reception from U Slavie Street in the middle of the west stand and through the northeast entrance from Vladivostocká Street.
  8. Accredited visitors – journalists are allowed entry to the premises usually 2 hours before the start of the event through a private entrance next to the main entrance to the stadium. A change to this system is possible by agreement between the event promoter and the operator of the premises. A specific regime is set based on the character of the event.
  9. The organiser has the right to demand that a spectator show proof of identity on entering the stadium. Data collected in this way can be systematically used in cases of a violation of the Visiting Regulations.

Extraordinary measures for high-risk matches:

  1. Tickets will only be sold on submission of an ID card and the ticket holder’s name and date of birth will be printed on the ticket.
  2. On entering the Arena a spectator must show his/her ID card and the details on the ID card must be the same as the details printed on the ticket. 

Section 5 Behaviour in the EDEN ARÉNA

  1. Each visitor to the Arena is required to behave on the premises in such a way that his/her actions do not jeopardise the safety of other persons and their property, or the Arena’s equipment, and furthermore his/her conduct does not restrict or inconvenience other persons watching the event that is currently underway in the Arena.
  2. Visitors are obliged to follow the orders and instructions given by the marshals or the security service, as well as the police, fire brigade, ambulance service and announcer.
  3. When inside the stadium visitors to the Arena must respect the general rules of good behaviour and good practice, i.e. especially decency and courtesy, and are obliged to refrain from any demonstrations of interpersonal, racist, religious or political intolerance. In the event of a violation or disregard of this provision a visitor clearly perpetrating prohibited conduct may be immediately escorted from the Arena’s premises without prior warning.
  4. All entrances and exits, as well as escape routes, must be kept free. 

Section 6 Prohibitions

1. It is forbidden for visitors to the stadium to bring the following items or other items of a similar nature or purpose into the Arena:

  1. racist, defamatory, vulgar or immoral propaganda materials,
  2. all items that can be used as cutting, hitting or stabbing weapons,
  3. sprays, corrosive, flammable and colouring substances or other containers with substances that affect health,
  4. bottles, cups/bowls, jugs, cans/tins or other items made from brittle, fragile or exceptionally hard materials,
  5. bulky items such as ladders, stools, chairs, boxes or suitcases,
  6. fireworks/firecrackers, flares, smoke bombs, and other pyrotechnic items, including the corresponding equipment,
  7. poles for flags or banners,
  8. instruments causing excessive noise (for example vuvuzelas, rattles,….)
  9. alcoholic drinks or drugs of any kind,
  10. animals,
  11. laser pointers,
  12. suitcases, large bags, umbrellas, rucksacks, or
  13. cameras, camcorders and other devices for the purpose of professional audio or video recording, with the exception of those explicitly authorised by the owner of the Arena.

2. Also, visitors are forbidden to:

  1. assert, spread or publicly express racist, defamatory, vulgar or immoral slogans or images,
  2. climb or climb over structures or equipment not intended for general use, in particular facades, fences, walls, fencing around the pitch, barriers, lighting equipment, camera stands, trees, pillars of any kind and roofs,
  3. enter an area that is not reserved for visitors (for example the pitch, interior spaces, administration building),
  4. throw items or liquids of any kind on to the pitch or the area for visitors,
  5. start a fire, light or blast fireworks or flares,
  6. destroy the Arena’s equipment or facilities,
  7. sell tickets or any merchandise promoting the Arena brand without permission,
  8. write or paint on structures, facilities or paths or cover them with posters,
  9. perform bodily functions outside the toilets or contaminate the Arena in any other way, especially by throwing things away,
  10. drive on paths and areas without special permission,
  11. make audio or video recordings in any way using modern technology, both in the Arena premises and during an event,
  12. obscure advertising panels situated in the stadium with banners, flags or in any other way,
  13. smoke anywhere in the Arena,
  14. bring matches, lighters or other equipment for lighting a fire on to the premises,
  15. cover one’s face thereby preventing identification.

3. The owner of the Arena has the right to demand that anyone who violates the aforementioned prohibitions and restrictions pay compensation for the damage caused as a result of the prohibited conduct, hand over the object that caused the damage or defective state, and also pay a fine of between CZK 1,000 and 50,000, according to the seriousness of the breach of obligations and the damages and consequences caused as a result. The owner of the Arena is also entitled to ban anyone who violates the principles of these Visiting Regulations or the above prohibitions or restrictions from entering the Arena for a specified period or, depending on the seriousness of the offence, indefinitely. 

Section 7 Sales and Advertising

Business activities, the distribution or sale of newspapers, magazines, printed materials, or advertising brochures, as well as the storage of items inside the Arena, is only permitted with the express written consent of Eden Arena, a.s. 

Section 8 Organiser’s Rights / Supervision

The authorised representative of Eden Arena, a.s., and during events also the organising and security service, as well as the Czech Police, have the right to act as organiser.

Section 9 Damage Liability

  1. Visitors enter and use the Arena at their own risk.
  2. Eden Arena, a.s. is only responsible for damage to health or material damage caused by wilful or grossly negligent conduct by their employees or persons in a similar employment relationship.
  3. Injury or damage must be reported immediately to the event organiser or to Eden Arena, a.s. 

Section 10 Unlawful Conduct

  1. Persons who violate these Visiting Regulations may be escorted from the Arena without reimbursement and banned from entering the Arena. The same applies to persons who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances. If there is suspicion of a criminal offence or other misdemeanour a criminal complaint may be filed.
  2. The measures according to paragraph 1 preclude claims (for example a ticket refund) against Eden Arena, a.s. or the organiser of a particular event.
  3. The organiser’s rights remain unaffected.

Section 11 Effectiveness

  1. These Arena Visiting Regulations are effective from 21 September 2015.
  2. In the case of Champions League and UEFA Cup matches the internationally applicable UEFA rules that these matches are fully subject to shall also apply.



27. 06. 2017

SK Slavia's Press Conference

Our Club Floor hosted SK Slavia Praha's press conference today. The club introduced new players for the upcoming season. Video from the conference can be watched here.

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